WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

No Condensation, No Leaks
The ultra-sealed pod structure with innovative VFOLK technology dramatically reduces the risk of airway condensation or mouthpiece leaks, solving a common issue across brands and products. That's not all - the device features FEELM, the most advanced atomizer ever produced, making for a more pleasurable taste and throat feel.

A New Level of User-friendly
Worried about adjusting to a high-tech alternative from the analog version? The calibrated draw resistance ensures every inhale feels real, keeping the familiar and bringing in the better. When the battery level dips below 30%, the front indicator light turns into a technical white.

Incredible Flavor Experiences
Savor an ultra-enjoyable mouthfeel thanks to a revolutionary internal structure designed to elevate flavors. It can't get any better than this?Experience the wide range of flavors that you've always imagined tasting. The richness will surprise you.

Thoughtful Design and Intensive Craftsmanship
* Engineered following the golden ratio
* Satisfying to hold
* Aluminum surface
* 6000 hours of industrial research and development
* Fingerprint prevention
* Beautiful form