WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Affiliate Program Introduction
The VFOLK Affiliate Program offers you the opportunity to make money by promoting our Premium American Made E-liquid and high-quality electronic cigarette hardware. Our e-liquid/electronic cigarette affiliate program offers 10% of first purchases from new customers referred through your website. VFOLK has a solid track record of high sales conversions for new users getting started with electronic cigarettes and with advanced users looking for the next level of vaping. Simple to use affiliate interface and great looking banners will give you all the tools you need to start earning commissions in no time.

The ShareASale Network
VFOLK is pleased to partner with the ShareASale network, one of the most trusted names in the affiliate marketing industry. ShareASale offers highly accurate tracking, as well as simple to use backend system for analyzing sales data. They also offer consistent payment through either Check or Direct Deposit on the 20th of every month, and excellent support staff. Joining the ShareASale Network is 100% free, but you will need to ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a valid email address
  • Must have a valid website
Wholesale Program Introduction
The VFOLK Wholesale Program is for existing website and retail store owners that are looking to purchase VFOLK branded products for resale. The VFOLK product line is gathering quite a lot of attention in both overseas and domestic markets.

The VFOLK Wholesale Difference
Quality Control: VFOLK takes manufacturing safety very seriously, and offers some unprecedented Quality Control procedures including born-on dating and lot number tracking. We use FEMA GRAS/USP ingredients in all e-liquid, and develop all of our Nicotine Base to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

Faster Delivery: VFOLK shipments take an average of 3~5 days in-transit. With faster delivery time from VFOLK, you can get the e-liquid you need faster.

Customer Service: VFOLK takes pride in providing our customers with superior customer service. We know that by providing you a great product with great service, you’ll want to deal with us again in the future. We are available by phone, email and instant message at any time to better serve you.

Easier Communication: Call or email us any day at any time with your questions.

Wholesale Designed For Growth
Our unique wholesale structure allows both small and large merchants to benefit from carrying the VFOLK product line. Our low minimum order quantities allow smaller shops to get started selling our unique products with minimal commitment. Our tiered wholesale pricing structure gives small businesses the flexibility to grow, offering increased discounts for each tier achieved. These small businesses can still carry the VFOLK brand like the larger merchants without the need to purchase large quantities. Larger merchants also benefit from our tiered structure by attaining much larger discounts for large bulk purchases. This allows them to maximize profitability on VFOLK branded products.

How To Get Started
Getting started with the VFOLK Wholesale Program is easy. Once you have contacted us, a VFOLK team member will respond within 48 hours with clearly defined information on how to get started. Placement of orders is quick and easy, and we're sure you will have no regrets about adding the VFOLK brand to your product line.

Get Started Now
We'd love to tell you more about our wholesale program. Please send us your website link and social media information below to contact us now.